Romanzas and songs - Soprano II

Jacinto Guerrero
Romanzas and songs - Soprano  II

Ajofrín - Toledo ( 1895 ) - Madrid ( 1951 )

He began his musical studies in the Toledo Cathedral. He won a scholarship from the Diputación Provincial de Toledo to follow studies in Madrid. He joined the Orchestra of the Teatro Apolo and later he was named conductor.

In 1921 his zarzuela La Alsaciana was first performed in Barcelona. In 1922 La Montería and Los Gavilanes followed with a great success around Spain. His best known work is El Huesped del Sevillano, first performed in the teatro Apolo and followed by Martierra (1928), La rosa del azafrán (1930), La Fama del Tartanero (1931), Sole, La Peletera (1932) and El Ama (1933). After the Civil War were first performed Canción del Ebro (1941) and