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Villalobos, Brouwer, Joaquim Nin-Culmell i Nin Castellanos at Tritó

One of the main objectives of our website is to promote Spanish and Ibero-American music. Thus we are constantly seeking out new agreements to distribute scores and recordings, to build up our catalogue and provide the broadest possible vision of the music from the Hispanic world. Our most recent distribution agreement is with the Max Eschig publishing house. With this accord, Tritó will be adding to its catalogue the composers Héitor Villalobos (Brazil) – Preludios para guitarra Leo Brouwer (Cuba) – Danza del Altiplano, Dos aires populares cubanos and others of his best known guitar works – and Joaquim Nin Castellanos and his son Joaquim Nin-Culmell, composers of Spanish origin born in Cuba and Germany, respectively, with a selection of their most interesting works for the piano.