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Isaac Albéniz, Poèmes d'amour

A joint project by the Cadaqués Orchestra and Tritó Edicions has brought back to life an all but forgotten work by Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909). A new CD recording and edition of the score, with parts for rent, of Poèmes d'Amour are now available from our website. "Poèmes d'Amour", composed in 1892, is a work for recitalist or rhapsodist with chamber ensemble that Isaac Albéniz structured around fourteen poems by the French Symbolist Armand Sylvestre (1837-1901). It premiered on 29 June, 1892, in London with one of the most famed actresses of all times, Sarah Bernhardt, reciting. Over the years the work was largely forgotten. Now the prestigious conductor and musicologist José de Eusebio has edited the score. De Eusebio is the world's top specialist in Albéniz's work and for years has been dedicating himself to the composer's stage works such as "Merlín", "Henry Clifford" and Pepita Jiménez. De Eusebio's new score is based on the manuscripts held at the Barcelona Music Museum. With this new score, and the recording by the Cadaqués Orchestra, "Poèmes d'Amour" has been rescued from obscurity. This project would not have been possible without the support of the Fundació Caixa Catalunya, which has joined forces with "Tritó Edicions" and "The Cadaqués Orchestra". The recovery of patrimony and the revival of the works of our composers, Albéniz, in this case one of the foremost names in Catalan and Spanish music of all times, is always a source of satisfaction, especially when it involves the acclaimed Cadaqués Orchestra, which has long stood out for projects such of this nature. To celebrate this release, is offering a 15% discount on the CD with score pack.