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Jesús Torres premieres Poética

With the premiere of Manantial de luz, a work we spoke of here at the time, this June was already an eventful month for Jesús Torres, one of Tritó's leading composers. In the words of critic Alberto González Lapuente, "it is surprising to discover that there are still audiences who get excited about a new score. Jesús Torres will have every reason to be happy (...) The enthusiasm with which his work was greeted is unusual. In a way, a real feat in an era that strives so to enhance the 'communication' with the public (ABC, 18-06-07). Now in July, on the 28th to be precise, Torres premieres another piece: Poética. The venue is the Santiago de Compostela Auditorium and the occasion the recently founded Festival Cameralia, who commissioned the work. Poética is a composition for solo clarinet and piano trio made up of five movements based on readings of poems by five German-language poets: Novalis, Hölderlin, Rilke, Georg Trakl and Paul Celan. The premiere features José Luis Estellés, to whom the work is dedicated, with the young Italian ensemble DavidTrio.