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Rueda opera premieres at the Venice Biennalle

This 2 and 3 October mark the premiere of a fragment from the opera Orfeo by Jesús Rueda. This work, is commisioned by The Biennalle and the Madrid composer’s first incursion into the genre, will be performed in it entirety in 2007 on the 400th anniversary of what is considered to the first great opera in the history of music, La favola d'Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi. Rueda confesses his concern for achieving "an introspective approach to the vocal line, to the singing, to the melody”.

The premiere takes place at the 49th Contemporary Music Festival, part of the Venice Biennalle. The performers include: Antoni Comas, Orfeo; Pilar Jurado, Euridice; Julián Elvira, flutes; with the Community of Madrid Orchestra and Choir conducted by Beat Ferrer. Rueda continues the exploration of the possibilities of the human voice that he started with El viaje múltiple.