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Coming publication of La rosa del azafrán

Tritó will soon be publishing Guerrero's popular zarzuela "La rosa del azafrán". This edition, the first of this work, is the result of the continuing joint efforts by Tritó and the Fundación Guerrero to publish a definitive edition of Guerrero's works.

La rosa del azafrán will be performed 20 to 24 April in Seville at the Teatro de La Maestranza and 1 to 8 June in Oviedo at the Teatro Campoamor. In both cases it is the same production that was performed last year at the Teatro de la Zarzuela of Madrid.

In other news Tritó and the Fundación Guerrero are continuing with the publication of the eight volumes of the composer's Romanzas y Canciones . The first two volumes came out last year and the remaining six are scheduled to come out during 2004.