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The Filmoteca de Catalunya presents "Música per a cinema" (Music for silent films), by Joan Pineda

On Monday 2 February at 19:30h the Filmoteca de Catalunya and Tritó Ediciones will present the CD "Joan Pineda a la Filmoteca: Música per a cinema" (Joan Pineda at the Filmoteca, Music for silent films) in the assembly room of the Palau Marc (Rambla Santa Mònica 8, Barcelona). The presentation act will be hosted by Lluís Falcó, lecturer at the Universidad de Barcelona and an expert on music and cinema, Roc Villas, director of the Filmoteca, and Llorenç Caballero, director of Tritó Ediciones, and will count on the participation of Joan Pineda himself. [audio:] The double CD “Joan Pineda at the Filmoteca, Music for silent films” is a selection of themes that the musician has composed for piano down through the years to accompany the showing of silent films at the Filmoteca de Catalunya. This extensive compilation contains two hours of music consisting of 41 themes that have accompanied 31 film classics, including, for example, The Phantom of the Opera (Rupert Julian, 1925), Broken Blossoms (David W. Griffith, 1919), and Easy Virtue (Alfred Hitchcock, 1928). [audio:] [audio:] Joan Pineda i Sirvent studied at the Conservatorio Municipal de Música de Barcelona and although he is a doctor by profession he has won has great national and international prestige as a film musician, especially for the composition of scores for silent films. He has appeared regularly on radio programmes: in 1960 he made his debut on Radio Barcelona with the programme “Cine sin imágenes” (cinema without pictures) and his appearances on Radio Nacional de España and Radio 4 have enabled him to give film music a wider audience. Pineda is also the composer of various scores for sound films, such as “La otra imagen” (Antoni Ribas, 1973), “La respuesta / M’enterro en els fonaments” (Josep Ma. Forn, 1975), “La muerte del escorpión” (Gonzalo Herralde, 1976), and “Alícia a l’Espanya de les Meravelles” (Jordi Feliu, 1979). He has won various awards in recognition of his work, among which particular mention should be made of the Prize of the Public at the XXV Semana Internacional de Cinema de Barcelona (Internatinal Cinema Week) in1983, the Premio Centro de Investigaciones Cinematográficas (centre for film research prize), from the Universidad de Barcelona (1990), the Premio Sant Jordi (1992), the Premio Altaveu (Sant Boi de Llobregat) (1995) and the Premio Cuaderno de Música in the Catalan  ambit (Fundació Amics de les Artes i de les Lletres de Sabadell) in 1995.