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El Soldadito de Plomo, at Petit Peralada

The Perelada Festival embarks on a new venture with a firm commitment to attracting new audiences by bringing classical music in a broad range of formats to children. The Cadaqués Orchestra Ensemble, which has always had among its goals to educate people about music, will be performing "El soldadito de Plomo" (The Steadfast Tin Soldier) composed by Emilio Aragón, based on the tale by Hans Christian Andersen. With great descriptive and dramatic power, Aragón’s music for this universal tale takes us through the story, narrated by the actress Rosa Novell, of the adventures of a toy soldier in love with a ballerina. The narration is in Catalan, with Jaime Martín conducting the arrangement by Albert Guinovart. The Catalan version is available from Tritó as part of our La Corxera Juganera collection and will soon be out in Spanish with narration by Javier Cámara.