Following the success of the generation of Spanish composers born around 1930, who began to make their voices heard in the 1960s and include such big names as Bernaola, De Pablo, Halffter, Castillo, Olavide and Guinjoan, there has been no shortage of talented composers in Spain, many of whom enjoy international recognition and projection. However, it was not until thirty years later that there was another truly remarkable explosion of talent, that of the Spanish composers born precisely in those 1960s and represented on this CD by three of the most important: Jesús Rueda, David del Puerto and Jesús Torres.
After the generation of Spanish composers born around 1930, those who came on to the musical scene iná the 1960s, - important figures such as Bernaola, De Pablo, Halffter, Castillo, Olavide, Guinjoan-Spain has continued to produce talented composers who have enjoyed international recognition.á It was not, however, until thirty years later that a truly remarkable group appeared in this country. These composers, born in the 1960s, have played a leading role in Spanish musical life. Three of the most important are represented on this CD: Jesús Rueda, David del Puerto and Jesús Torres.

José Luis Garcia del Busto

Genre:Instrumental, Chamber, Orchestral
Period:Romantic Music
Composer:Jesús Rueda (1961 - ) (bio)
David del Puerto (1964 - ) (bio)
Jesús Torres (1965 - ) (bio)
Artist/s:Orquesta Nacional de RTVE, Adrian Leaper, director
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Sakari Oramo, director
Joven Orquesta Nacional de España, Ernest Martínez-Izquierdo, director
Duration:80 min
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2007
Content:1-4 JESÚS TORRES
Sinfonía (2005) 32’07’’
á I - Desolado5’42’’
á II - Exaltado 5’40’’
á III - Extático 10’56’’
á IV - Enérgico 9’49’’
Orquesta Nacional de RTVE
Adrian Leaper , director

Sinfonía nº1 ôBoreasö (2004) 22’12’’
I - Nocturno y tema de fantasía 4’58’’
II - Scherzo y fantasía 9’33’’
III - Intermezzo 2’05’’
IV - Passacaglia y canzona 5’36’’
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Sakari Oramo, director

Sinfonía I ôLaberintoö (2000) 25’56ö
1. Proemio 0’47ö
2. Acceso 3’28ö
3. Sphinx I 1’01ö
4. Nel labirinto 5’13ö
5. Sphinx II 1’12ö
6. Nowhere Now-here 9’14ö
7. Sphinx III 1’24ö
8. Minotauro 3’37ö
Joven Orquesta Nacional de España
Ernest Martínez-Izquierdo, director
Tres sinfonías
Jesús Rueda,
David del Puerto,
Jesús Torres

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