El manuscrito de Cervera. Música y danza palaciega catalana del siglo XV.

Cecilia Nocilli

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The Cervera MS is a main source to the study of Catalan and European dance.

It consists of two sheets with describes eleven dances. Some descriptions list the steps and movements in Catalan and others, use a specific notation for choreography description.

The notation in that source is the most interesting topic for researchers because it is one of the oldest evidence of choreographic notation in Europe.

Cecilia Nocilli analyzes the source from a documentary approach to trying to bring dancers, musicians and researchers a proposed of performance of the dance and other topics.

This book is part of the AMALGAMA TEXTS series published by Tritó and devoted to musicological research.
[Thirth volum of the AMALGAMA TEXTOS Series]

Subject:Historical, Edition, History of Instrumental Music, History of Medieval Music, History of Renaissance Music, Music notation and Palaeography
Published in:2013
Content:Capítulo 1
Fuentes coreicas ibéricas y tradición francoborgoñona

Capítulo 2
Huellas presentes: el manuscrito de Cervera
Descripción codicológica y análisis paleográfi co

Capítulo 3
Huellas ausentes: repertorio y estilo coreico catalán
La baixa dansa mayor
La baixa dansa menor
Anomalías: Fagarda y Anglatera

Carta de Antonio Porta


Fuentes coreicas manuscritas
Fuentes coreicas impresas
Bibliografía general
Manuscritos coreicos francoborgoñones
Manuscritos coreicos españoles
El manuscrito de Cervera. Música y danza palaciega catalana del siglo XV.
Cecilia Nocilli
Price: 17.00 €
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