Miquel Ortega (1963 - ) (bio)

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The Catalan writer Josep Carner (1884-1970), was one of the most emblematic figure of the modernist literary Catalan. His literary and poetic essays were grammaticaly perfect and his style was close to a style Petrarchism.
He also wrote three works for theatre one of which, El Giravolt de Maig, was adapted for the opera of Toldrà. Some poems were put in music by Mompou and Rodrigo.

Miquel Ortega has worked about literary texts by Lorca in other occasions. The musical adaptations in Bestiari are fresh and descriptive contributing to the contrasting nature of different animals.
The poetry of Josep Carner attracted the attention of the composers on several occasions. This time is Miquel Ortega offers a music collection of children’s poems published by Josep Carner in 1964 under the name of Bestiari.

Instruments:Soprano Voice, Tenor Voice, Piano Accompaniment
Ensembles:Soloist and Piano
Genres:Classical Music
Period:20th Century Music, 21th Century Music
Composer:Miquel Ortega (1963 - ) (bio)
Content:El cargol
El cucut
La tortuga
La puça
El rat-penatL’esquirol
Miquel Ortega
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