Ìmaginary trip "Francisco Guerrero in memoriam"

Jesús Rueda
Ìmaginary trip
  • Composition: 1998
  • Ensembles: Full Orchestra
  • Genres: Classical Music
  • Instrumentation: 3 3 3[1.2.clb] 3[1.2.cfg] - 4331 - timp+3 - arp - cel - archi
  • Percussion: tam(md,lg).cym(md,lg).bd.glock.bell.tri.vib
  • Duration: 9 Minutes
  • Reference: TR00107


Ìmaginary trip "Francisco Guerrero in memoriam"


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Jesús Rueda

Madrid ( 1961 )

"Uno de los autores más atractivos de su generación" AUDIOCLÁSICA December 2011 "Rueda es mucho Rueda y su música no pasa desapercibida. [...] Bien es verdad que Rueda se toma su tiempo, pero en su caso la espera siempre vale la pena. [...] Su talento musical es excepcional" Juan Ángel Vela del Campo de EL PAÍS. March 2014 He studied piano with J. Soriano and Harmony with Emilio Lopez at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid. During the period 1980-84 he studied composition with Luis de Pablo and later with Francisco Guerrero. He has won several composition prizes: First Prize by the SGAE in 1990 and 1991, Prize Forum Junger Komponisten Köln 1992, and Prize Icons (Torino, 1991) amongst others, and has received coimissions by CDMC Ministry of Culture of Spain, Ensemble Intercontemporain and other groups. His works have been performed by many ensembles and orchestras as Xenaquis Ense...


Ìmaginary trip "Francisco Guerrero in memoriam"

Rueda’s music seems generally very complex. It is orchestrated quite thickly throughout; maybe even a bit gimmicky in spots (including a crank siren). However, the overall effect is good and the performances and recording are up to the usual high standards coming from Naxos. While probably not for everyone, I do recommend this to fans of big, modern orchestral music as well as anyone seeking to keep up with what is happening in parts of the globe that do not get a lot of attention here.