Tritó Edicions

Tritó Edicions is a Catalan music publishers specialised in the Catalan, Spanish and Ibero-American repertoire.


Tritó’s catalogue includes previously unpublished works and unjustly forgotten works by old composers (Terradellas, Baguer o Carnicer), composers from the 19th and 20th centuries (Granados, Albéniz o Gerhard), and also contemporary figures (Brotons, Montsalvatge, Rueda, Guinjoan and Marco), some of their works commissioned by the publishers themselves.

The editions of the scores are always preceded by an introductory text that helps to place their time and style. This is interesting for both musicians and musicologists.

In addition, Tritó publishes the instrumental parts of orchestral and chamber works separately in order to facilitate their diffusion and performance.

Amalgama Edicions

Amalgama is a Tritó imprint specialised in the didactic repertoire, traditional music, and books related to music. The Amalgama catalogue contains over 100 titles by authors as diverse as Manuel Blancafort, Ireneu Segarra, Antoni Miralpeix and Teresa Malagarriga.


The distribution catalogue includes a specialised collection of works by Catalan, Spanish and Iberoamerican composers, both old and contemporary, issued by diverse publishers from Spain and abroad.

Similarly, our interest in collecting rare and hard-to-obtain materials led to the idea of offering a customised score and book search service.


Our recordings are fruit of the same interest in recovering and diffusing the repertoire of old and modern Spanish composers, and they are characterised by the quality of the performers, among which particular mention should be made of the Orquestra de Cadaqués, with Sir Neville Marriner, Gianandrea Noseda and Vasily Petrenko.

Solfa la Redonda

Solfa la Redonda is a collection of CDs for children designed to introduce them to classical music using an attractive and educational approach. It includes a selection of the best music that composers from around the world (Prokofiev, Debussy, Brotons, Benguerel) have written expressly for children. The stories are narrated by well-known actors and actresses such as Leonor Watling, Tristán Ulloa, Javier Cámara and Gonzalo de Castro.


Since 1991, the year the company was founded, Tritó Produccions has been dedicated to a wide range of work linked to music and artistic production, which it carries out in conjunction with diverse institutions and cultural organisations:
  • Theatre-Auditorium in San Lorenzo del Escorial
  • Since 2009 Tritó has been in charge of the programming, financial management and artist booking at the Theatre-Auditorium in San Lorenzo del Escorial. Our responsibilities include the direction, programming and management of the programmes that make up the Christmas, Easter and Summer Festivals, with over 40 shows (operas, symphonic concerts, singers, recitals), and also the programming and management of the theatre and family programmes. This work is organised from the office of Tritó Edicions in Madrid.
  • The Orquestra de Cadaqués on tour
  • Tritó works with the Orquestra de Cadaqués on a regular basis and has been responsible for the sale, booking and production of this ensemble’s national and international tours for over twenty years. Throughout the year we promote and manage an average of six to eight tours of the most important Spanish cities, with the inclusion of new works that are fruit of the recovery of the unpublished musical heritage and our support for new values in contemporary music. Among the international tours we have organised, special mention should be made of the two tours the Orquestra de Cadaqués completed of seventeen Asian countries, with a total of over thirty concerts.
  • Cicle BCN Clàssics
  • As a music promoter, Tritó was responsible for the creation and production of the summer cycle BCNCLÀSSICS, which was organised from 1997 to 2000 at the Palau Nacional de Montjuïc and Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC). This cycle, which was a great success with the media and the general public, proposed a double programme: the fusion of pictorial art with the best music, and the planned installation of a gastronomic space on the palace terrace.
    The production of this activity was highly praised by the media, and was given green light on its approval scale by La Vanguardia newspaper.
  • Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
  • Edition of different volumes of the Monumentos de la música española, scores and musicological studies published by the Instituto Español de Musicología at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).
  • Castell de Peralada Festival
  • As a music producer, Tritó has promoted the co-production of shows at different international festivals such as the Peralada Festival and the Cadaqués Festival. At the Peralada Festival we co-produced Xavier Montsalvatge’s opera, Babel 46, premiered with great success as part of the programme of this festival, and later, in another production at the Teatre Real in Madrid and the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona.
  • International Conducting Competition
  • In conjunction with the Orquestra de Cadaqués, Tritó organises the Orquestra de Cadaqués International Conducting Competition every two years, one of the foremost events of its kind on the international scene. This competition attracts over one hundred young conductors under 35 years old from all over the world. It is presided over by prestigious figures from the world of music such as Sir Neville Marriner and Gennady Rozdhestvenski.
  • Festival of Religious Music in Cuenca
  • For many years Tritó collaborated at the Festival of Religious Music in Cuenca, with co-productions that included the recovery of the oratorio by Josep Tarradellas Giuseppe Riconosciuto, which was premiered at this festival.
  • Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona
  • Among Tritó’s responsibilities, particular mention should be made of the preparation of the vocal and orchestral materials for various operas produced by the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona (Empòrium by Morera, Els Pirineus by Pedrell, Neró i Acté by Manén, and Giulio Cesare by Händel).
  • Edicions 62
  • Tritó has been commissioned to design and produce the 40 CDs that will contain the History of Catalan, Valencian and Balearic Music published by the group Edicions 62.
  • University of Lleida
  • To mark the seven hundredth anniversary of the University of Lleida, and as a commission from this university, Tritó prepared the edition of a book of the complete songs of Granados and also the edition of a new arrangement of his opera Goyescas, this at the hands of Albert Guinovart.
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