Suavidad y Extrañeza

Antonio de Cabezón (1510 - 1566)

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To commemorate the fifth centenary of the birth of Antonio de Cabezón (1510-1566) there were published papers and recordings that provide more information about other aspects of the composer’s work.

In the words of musicologist Luis Robledo in a recent review of this album in 12 NOTAS:

..."His version is reliable from the philological approach and more than satisfactory as regards to the musical concept."

Genre:Instrumental, Vocal, Chamber
Period:Renaissance Music
Composer:Antonio de Cabezón (1510 - 1566)
Artist/s:Andrés Cea
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2010
Content:Suavidad y Extrañeza

Libro de cifra nueva (1557)
1.-O lux beata trinitas (LXXXIX)
2.-Pange lingua (LXXX)
3.-Tiento de sexto tono (XXXIII)
4.-Ave maris stella (LXXXVI)
5.-Tiento de segundo tono (XXXI)
6.-Ave maris stella (LXXXIII)
7.-Dic nobis María (XXVIII)
8.-Tiento de quarto tono (XLIV)

Coimbra, Ms 242
9.- [Sin titulo, cantus firmus] (fol 110)
10.-Pange lingua (fol 108r)
11.-Secunda pars da Salve, do cego (fol 9v)
12.-Dic nobis Maria (fol 106)

Obras de música (1578)
13.-Kyries de Nuestra Señora (X)
14.-Tiento de primer tono (LX)
15.-Un gai bergier (Crecquillon)
16.-Tiento de quarto tono (LXIV)
17.-Ancol que col partire (Rore)
18.-Tiento de quarto tono (LIX)
19.-Por un plaisir (Crecquillon)
20.-Pange lingua (XL)
21.-Tiento de segundo tono (LXII)
22.-Beata viscera Mariae Virginis (LXXII)
23.-Dulce memoria (Sandrin, glosada de Hernando)
Suavidad y Extrañeza
Antonio de Cabezón
Price: 21.72 €
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