Subject:History by Periods, History of Baroque, History by Geographic location
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
1. Introduction Juan José Carreras

Part I. Music in the Theatre: 2. From Literes to Nebra: Spanish dramatic music between tradition and modernity Juan José Carreras
3. Opera and ballet in public theatres of the Iberian peninsula Xoán M. Carreira
4. Financial management at the Teatro de los Caños del Peral, 1786û99 Michael F. Robinson

Part II. Vocal Music, Sacred and Secular: 5. Liturgical music with orchestra, 1750û1800 José V. González Valle
6. Italianate sections in the villancicos of the royal chapel, 1700û40 Álvaro Torrente
7. An unknown repertory: the cantatas of Jayme de la TÛ y Sagau (Lisbon, 1715û26) Gerhard Doderer
8. Spanish cantatas in the Mackworth collection at Cardiff Juan José Carreras

Part III. Symphonic Music: 9. Austrian symphonies in the Royal Palace, Madrid David Wyn Jones
10. Iberian symphonism, 1779û1809: some observations Teresa Cascudo
11. The symphony in Catalonia, c. 1760û1808 Josep M. Vilar i Torrens

Part IV. Instrumental Music: 12. Musical instruments: tradition and innovation Cristina Bordas
13. ’El diablo vestido de fraile’: some unpublished correspondence of Padre Soler George Truett Hollis
14. The Villahermosa manuscript: an important source of late eighteenth-century Spanish keyboard music Benjamin Lipkowitz
15. Some unpublished works of José Elías Agueda Pedrero-Encabo
16. The rise of the modern guitar in Spain Javier Suárez-Pajares

Part V. Spanish Music in the New World: 17. Cathedral music in Spanish America Alfred E. Lemmon
18. Eighteenth-century Spanish music in Mexico Jaime González-Quiñones
Music in Spain during Eighteenth Century
José Vicente González Valle,
Águeda Pedrero-Encabo,
Cristina Bordas Ibáñez,
Álvaro Torrente,
Javier Suárez-Pajares,
Teresa Cascudo,
Juan José Carreras,
Malcolm Boyd,
Xoán Carreira,
Michael Robinson,
Gerhard Doderer,
David Wyn Jones,
Josep Maria Vilar,
George Truett Hollis,
Benjamin Lipkowitz,
Alfred Lemmon,
Jaime González-Quiñones

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