Complete Organ Works

Gabriel Menalt (1657 - 1687)

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Gabriel Menalt, or Manalt, (Martorell, 1657 (Barcelona, 1687), was organist at the church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona and is generally considered as one of the most important Catalan figures, with his extant works, of what is commonly referred to as the 17th c. Catalan-Valencian organ school.

All of Menalt’s organ works are found in two manuscripts which are well-known in musicological circles for their wealth of material and musical significance.

The original manuscripts have been transcribed with utmost fidelity to the sources, but with the practical musician in mind.
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Instruments:Organ Solo
Ensembles:Solo Instrument
Genres:Classical Music
Levels:Intermediate / Advanced
Period:Baroque Music
Composer:Gabriel Menalt (1657 - 1687)
Editorial preface:Bernat Cabré i Cercòs
Content:Tiento de dues mans de 1r to
Tiento de falses
Gaitilla de mà esquerra de 1r to ESPIA RERA
Tiento partit de mà dreta de 8è to
Versos de slmòdia
Versos partits de mà dreta
Pange lingua glossat de mà dreta
Pange lingua de dos baixos
Sacriis solemniis glossat per Delasolre
Sacris solemniis a dos tiples per Delasolre
Sacriis solemniis a dos baixos per Delasolre
Sacriis solemniis a tres per Delasolre
Complete Organ Works
Gabriel Menalt
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