Behind bars. The definitive guide to music notation

Elaine Gould

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The most thorough and painstakingly-researched book on the subject of notation to be published since the 1980s

A comprehensive grounding in notational principles which empowers the reader to prepare music in a clear and expert way

Illuminates rules and conventions, including both basic themes and complex techniques

Subjects are handled as logical progressions from the elementary to the complex

Definitions are given where terminology is uncommon or potentially confusing

Provides invaluable support for musicians working with Sibelius and other music software programmes

Supported by 1,500 music examples, including extracts from the works of influential composers spanning Bach to Xenakis

Includes sections on electroacoustic music and micronotes

Subject:Edition, Dictionaries
Publisher:Faber Music
Content:I. General Conventions
Ground rules
Chords - dotted notes - ties
Accidents and key signatures
Dynamics and articulation
Grace notes, arpeggiated chords, trills, glissandos and vibrato
Repeat Signs

II. Idiomatic notation
Woodwin and brass
Classical Guitar
Vocal Music

III - Layout and Presentation
Preparing materials
Score layout
Part Preparation
Electroacustic music
Freedom and choice

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Behind bars. The definitive guide to music notation
Elaine Gould
Price: 80.08 €
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