Bailes, tonadas & Cachuas. La música del Códice Trujillo del Perú en el siglo XVIII

Adrián Rodríguez van der Spoel

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The Codex Trujillo del Perú (1780-90), compiled by Bishop Martínez Compañón, consists of nine volumes including more than 1,400 watercolour illustrations. Leafing through its pages is like seeing a documentary film on colonial Peru, portraying the closing years of Spanish domination through images of nature and scenes of everyday life.

The second volume contains a collection of 20 musical scores that form a missing link between the colonial period and the traditional South American repertoire. The colourful watercolours also show musicians and dancers in action.

The Codex has vouchsafed the continuance of a repertoire that would otherwise have been destined for oral tradition, being inevitably diluted in subsequent performances and, ultimately, disappearing altogether.

This book provides a transcription of the works, studied and analysed within their historical and social context. It emphasises the importance of the texts and stylistic features that would go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

This work by Adrián Rodríguez Van der Spoel, a multifaceted musician and connoisseur of both baroque and traditional Latin American music, provides a seminal contribution to understanding of the universal nature of the Latin American baroque.
[Spanish/English edition]

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Instruments:Voice Solo, Woodwinds, Strings, Guitar / plucked string
Ensembles:Mixed Trio, Mixed Quartet, Mixed Quintet
Genres:Classical Music, Latin American Folklore, Popular Music, Religious Music, Latin American Colonial Music
Levels:Intermediate / Advanced
Period:Baroque Music
Subject:Historical, History of Vocal Music, History of Instrumental Music, History of Baroque, History by Geographic location, History by Subject, Ethnomusicology and antropology, Music notation and Palaeography
Language:Spanish, English
Levels:Intermediate / Advanced
Publisher:Deuss Music


El códice
Su importancia
El contenido musical
Los géneros: Cachuas, tonadas y bailes

Las obras
1. Cachua a duo con Vs y bajo al nacimiento de Christo Nuestro Señor
2. Cachua a voz y bajo al Nacimiento de Chrito Nuestro Señor
3. Tonada El congo a voz y bajo para baylar cantando
4. Bayle del chimo. A violín y bajo
5. Bayle de danzantes con pífao y tamporil
6. Tonada El Chimo [...] a dos vozes [...] bajo y tamboril para baylar cantando
7. Tonada La Lata a voz y bajo, para baiyar cantando.
8. Tonada La Donosa a voz y bajo para baylar cantando
9. Tonada El Conejo a voz y bajo para baylar cantando.
10. Tonada para cantar llamadase La Selosa, del pueblo de Lambayeque
11. Tonadilla, llamase, El Palomo del Pueblo de Lambayeque para cantar y bailar
12. Lanchas. Para baylar
13. Tonada El Diamante para baylar cantando de Chacapoias.
14. Tonada El Tupamaro. Caxamarca.
15. Tonada El Huicho de Chachapoyas
16. Tonada la Brugita para cantar de Guamachuco.
17. Cachua La Despedida de Guamachuco.
18. Tonada El Tupamaro de Caxamarca
19. Cachua serranita, nombrada El Huicho Nuebo
20. Cachuyta de la montaña, llamadase El Vuen Querer.


Los textos

Traducción al inglés del prólogo a los textos

Las transcripciones / Musical transcriptions

Bibliografía / References

Sobre el autor / About the author
Bailes, tonadas & Cachuas. La música del Códice Trujillo del Perú en el siglo XVIII
Adrián Rodríguez van der Spoel
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