The Keyboard in Baroque Europe

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Twelve of today’s most distinguished scholar-performers offer essays in this volume on new and intriguing aspects of baroque keyboard music. Topics include fresh evidence on music of the seventeenth century (Frescobaldi, Froberger and Purcell), the place of the keyboard in concerted music and on comparative teaching methods (Couperin, Marpurg and Roeser), studies of the repertoire of J. S. Bach and his sons (including ornamentation in C. P. E. Bach and the Polonaises of Wilhelm Friedemann), and writing on the later eighteenth century (including Mozart) and on matters of repertoire and performance practice (continuo playing, improvisation). The volume gives a balanced picture of the latest theories and discoveries in keyboard music, of interest to both academic and performing musicians, and includes a new arrangement for keyboard of Bach’s D minor Violin Partita, published here for the first time.

Tema:Història per Períodes, Història de la música del Classicisme, Història per Zona geogràfica, Interpretació, Assaig, Estètica, Sociologia, Teoria de la música
EditorialCambridge University Press
Any d'edició:2009
Any de publicació:2009
Núm. Pàgines:264
Contingut:Part I. Seventeenth-Century Keyboard Music: 1. On Frescobaldi’s recreation of the Chaconne and the Passacaglia Alexander Silbiger
2. Hanß Jacob Froberger’s travels 1649û1653 Rudolf Rasch
3. New perspectives on Lynar A 1 Pieter Dirksen
4. Creating the corpus: the ’Complete Keyboard Music’ of Henry Purcell Christopher Hogwood
Part II. The Early Eighteenth Century: 5. Towards a genealogy of the keyboard concerto John Butt
6. Couperin, Marpurg and Roeser: A Germanic Art de Toucher le Clavecin, or a French Wahre Art? Davitt Moroney
Part III. The Bach Family: 7. Invention, composition and the improvement of nature: apropos Bach the teacher and practical philosopher Christoph Wolff
8. Is there an anxiety of influence discernible in J. S. Bach’s Clavierübung I? Peter Williams
9. ’Toward the most elegant taste’: developments in keyboard accompaniment from J. S. to C. P. E. Bach David Schulenberg
10 ’à welche dem größten Concerte gleichen’: t
The Keyboard in Baroque Europe

Preu: 26,63 €
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