Eight Centuries of Troubadours and TrouvèresThe Changing Identity of Medieval Music

John Haines

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This book traces the changing interpretation of troubadour and trouvere music, a repertoire of songs which have successfully maintained public interest for eight centuries, from the medieval chansonniers to contemporary rap renditions. A study of their reception therefore serves to illustrate the development of the modern concept of ’medieval music’. Important stages include sixteenth-century antiquarianism, the Enlightenment synthesis of scholarly and popular traditions and the infusion of archaeology and philology in the nineteenth century, leading to more recent theories on medieval rhythm. More often than now, writers and performers have negotiated a compromise between historical research and a more imaginative approach to envisioning the music of troubadours and trouveres. This book points not so much to a resurrection of medieval music in modern times as to a continuous tradition of interpreting these songs over eight centuries.

Tema:Història de la Música Vocal, Història per Períodes, Història de la música de l’Edat mitjana, Història de la música del Renaixement, Història per Temes, Interpretació, Estètica
EditorialCambridge University Press
Any d'edició:2009
Any de publicació:2009
Núm. Pàgines:360
1. The first readers
2. The changing song
3. Enlightened readers
4. The science of translation
5. Recent readings
6. Conclusions
7. Epilogue
Eight Centuries of Troubadours and TrouvèresThe Changing Identity of Medieval Music
John Haines
Preu: 32,98 €
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