Behind bars. The definitive guide to music notation

Elaine Gould

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"... an extraordinary acievement... I would pray that it becomes a kind of Holy Writ for notation in the coming century..." Sir Simon Rattle

"Elaine Gould is widely respected in the music world for her exceptionally diligent and imaginative skills in editing. She has a composer’s eye for details, and a depth of understanding of the minutiae of musical notation that is beyond compare."
George Benjamin

" invaluable resource book on musical notation."
Elliott Carter

"...from my reading of Elaine’s book I can say with complete confidence that she has produced a masterpiece in the field. She has been my editor for more than 20 years and there is no one in whom I would place greater faith. This will be an indispensible book!" Colin Matthews

Tema:Edició, Diccionaris i guies
Format:Tapa dura
EditorialFaber Music
Contingut:I. General Conventions
Ground rules
Chords - dotted notes - ties
Accidents and key signatures
Dynamics and articulation
Grace notes, arpeggiated chords, trills, glissandos and vibrato
Repeat Signs

II. Idiomatic notation
Woodwin and brass
Classical Guitar
Vocal Music

III - Layout and Presentation
Preparing materials
Score layout
Part Preparation
Electroacustic music
Freedom and choice

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Behind bars. The definitive guide to music notation
Elaine Gould
Preu: 80,08 €
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