Photo: Joaquín Turina

Joaquín Turina

Sevilla 1882 - Madrid 1949

Was born in Sevilla on the 9th of December 1882 into a comfortable middle class family. In 1894 he began his formal studies of harmony theory and counterpoint. In 1902 he moved to Madrid where he quickly became involved in the musical scene there and saw the premier of his Zarzuela La sulamita. In 1905 he, as most other Spanish composers of the time, went to Paris. He studied piano with Moszkowsky and theory under Vicent d’Indy in the Schola Cantorum. He became good friends with Albeniz and Falla, and it was Albeniz who encouraged to find inspiration in the popular music of Spain and Andalucía. In 1914 he returned to Madrid he life in Madrid was divided between composing, teaching and performing. Turina died in Madrid on the 14th of January 1949.

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