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Antonio Carlos Gomes

Campinas 1836 - Belém 1896

Antonio Carlos Gomes was born in Campinas, São Paulo State, on 11t July 1836. His parents were the Maestro Manuel José Gomes - called by the nickname of "Maneco músico" (Musician Maneco) - and Fabiana Maria Jaguari Cardoso. He was just a child when first showed his musical tendency, which was soon stimulated by his father and master as well as by his brother José Pedro de Sant’Ana Gomés, also a Conductor. José Pedro was older than Carlos Gomes being the most dedicated guide and adviser in his brother?s artistic career. He convinced his brother to visit the Court where he gained the protection of the Emperor D.Pedroll. He studied at the Musical Conservatory of Rio de Janeiro and in 1861 had his first success by pedorming his first opera "A Noite do Castelo", under his own direction. In 1863, he composed his second opera "Joana de Flandres". These two operas made the Emperor offer him a prize to study in Italy. He stayed in Milan studying at the local Conservatory until 1866 when he graduated as a composer-conductor. He soon became famous within the European artistic world achieving fame with his most notorious opera, "Ó Guarani", performed in 1870 at the Milan Scala Theater, the theater of the great Lyrical spectacles

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