Photo: Anna Bofill Levi

Anna Bofill Levi

Sabadell (Barcelona) 1944

Composer and an architect. From 1950 until 1961, she studied the piano, musical theory, and musical composition, with J. Albareda, J. Cercós, and X. Montsalvatge. Between 1968 and 1971, she studied harmony, counterpoint, and the fugue, with Josep M. Mestres-Quadreny. Until 1977, she continued studying with him the development of musical structures throughout history, until arriving at the modern concepts on the application of mathematical probabilities in music. She has studied electroacoustics music with Lluís Callejo and Gabriel Brncic, at the Phonos Laboratory, and later, computer music with Xavier Serra. She has also studied musical composition with Luigi Nono. In 1985, she obtained a grant from the Catalonian Commission on Research and Technological innovation (CIRIT), to work in Paris at the Centre d’Études de Mathématique et Automates Musicales (CEMAMU), or the Center for the Study of Mathematics and Automated Music, directed by Iannis Xenakis. She has translated, to the Catalan, his work Música y Arquitectura (Music and Architecture).

She has written works for diverse solo instruments, for chamber orchestra, for voice, and for electroacoustics. Some of them have been performed all around the Spanish territory, and also in cities like Paris, Berlin, New York, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, etc., and in numerous festivals and congresses of contemporary music.

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