Viaje imaginario "Francisco Gierrero in memoriam"

Jesús Rueda ( 1961 )
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Esta obra está dedicada a Francisco Guerrero, maestro del autor y fue escrita solo tres meses después de su trágica muerte. Este hecho vincula la obra, según palabras del autor, al Motete Delicta Juventutis, que Pierre de la Rue escribió en el siglo XV en la muerte de Felipe el Hermoso, en el que el autor utiliza gestos descendentes para evocar tristeza.


  1. Daniel Coombs - AUDIOPHILE AUDITION 30 de noviembre de 2001

    Rueda’s music seems generally very complex. It is orchestrated quite thickly throughout; maybe even a bit gimmicky in spots (including a crank siren). However, the overall effect is good and the performances and recording are up to the usual high standards coming from Naxos. While probably not for everyone, I do recommend this to fans of big, modern orchestral music as well as anyone seeking to keep up with what is happening in parts of the globe that do not get a lot of attention here.

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