Trobadors catalans

Trobadors catalans
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DD00808 Antoni Rossell & C.Courtly Music Consort
71 Minutes
Columna Música
Although the subject of Troubadours has always been connected to Catalan music and Literature, it is surprising that up to now; no recording has been made that brings together the Catalan Troubadours songs that exist wither as a melody or contrafacta. Besides the historical interest for Catalonia, there are other reasons that justify this interpretation: first, the edition of the songs by Berenguer de Palol that are in the National Library of Paris. Secondly, thanks to the edition of all the manuscripts of Saint John of Abadaesses that are actually in the National Library of Catalonia, along with the song of Pons d’Ortafa and Guillem de Cabestany. All of these melodies bring us closer to the phenomena of the Troubadours in Catalonia during the middle ages, and through this recording can obtain the international attention that it deserves through the constant growing interest for this time period.