Manuel de Falla: The Complete Piano Works

Manuel de Falla ( 1876 - 1946 )
Manuel de Falla: The Complete Piano Works
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DD01224 Azumi Nishizawa, piano
67 Minutes
This disc contains Manuel de Falla’s twelve original works for solo piano. Eight of them, composed at the end of the nineteenth century and in the early twentieth century, are from what his friend the poet and pianist Gerardo Diego described as PreManuel de AnteFalla, that is, before he studied with Felipe Pedrell. Only three were published at the time, the remaining five in more recent decades. The young Falla’s musical training revolved around the piano; along with solfeggio, the piano courses were the only official studies he validated, always with outstanding grades, at the Madrid Conservatory as pupil of José Tragó; and the piano appears in virtually all Falla’s output, with few exceptions, including of course the symphonic works. He succeeded in winning a piano competition against participants of the calibre of Frank Marshall (1905) and, for some years, while consolidating his situation as a composer, made a living as pianist, even giving piano classes. There are some r