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Águeda Pedrero
TR00699 organ
Águeda Pedrero
The study of organ music of the eighteenth century in Spain still representes serious difficulties for the poor conservation of sources from the first half of this century. The purpose of this publication is to do available the organ work of the Valentian composer and organist Vicente Rodriguez (1690-1760). Vincent Rodriguez was the successor of Cabanilles at the Cathedral from Valencia. The recent discovery of the manuscript M1012 offered the surprise of include organ works by Vincent Rodriguez, a fact which led to the projection of a publication to gather all his organ work. With the exception of one of the works contained in this source, the rest were unpublished and highlighted the following compositions by Vincent Rodriguez: a fantasy, seven tocates and a "partido", which form a substantial and significant body of music to be studied and compared with other works of the composer. It has seen fit to include in this edition, some of the works mentioned anonymous manuscript