Three pieces for piano

Hèctor Parra ( 1976 )
TR00510 pf solo
9 Minutes
These three pieces for piano composed between January and June 1999 were my first serious composition. Written under the influence of the Second Viennese School at the beginning of my studies with David Padrós, they display a pianism closer to Rachmaninov and Scriabin than European postserial music. In the first piece, we find a discourse in continuous expansion, with broad affirmative phrasing, which is truncated by a final of quick notes, jeu perlé played pianissimo. In the second piece, much more static, a network of long notes weaves a discourse in which the play of resonances is contrasted by the sostenuto pedal and dry and aggressive chords. The third piece constitutes a hectic finale where the elements of the first two come together. Hèctor Parra

1. Tres peces per piano " Lichtzwang"