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Bernat Cabré
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Bernat Cabré
Francesc Espelt (16??-1712) is one of many more or less anonymous composers that we can find listed in any number of general music histories, encyclopedias and dictionaries. He is usually described as being representative of the so-called Catalano-Valencian school of organ music, often with flattering remarks about his rather copious output.
In spite of this, a great deal of this music remains unpublished and the biographical details of the composer’s life are mostly unknown. In the present volume, we hope to shed light on these matters by publishing and making his music available to a wider public while also providing the most up-to-date biographical information.


  1. MARTIN VOORTMAN 25th March 2010

    Es de celebrar este comienzo de la divulgación de un autor interesante más entre otros como Cabanilles, Ximenez y Bruna. Los versos son buenos para una primera aproximación al estilo de un autor. Pero más de esperar para el repertorio de concierto (y a v