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14 Minutes
The origins of this work date back to 2006, in response to a request made by the Arditti Quartet. The quartet, written in one sole movement, consists of three main sections that develop without interruption, followed by an epilogue. These are aspects the composer had developed previously in the symphonic field and that here he has sought to rethink and deploy in the form of the quartet, basing his work on its specificities. The breadth and depth attained by certain harmonic processes, which find their maximum expression in the climax of the work, determine and concur with the formal proportions and expansive spirit of the discourse. The work, commissioned by the Fundació Caixa Catalunya, was premiered on 31 July 2009 at the 29th Torroella de Montgrí International Festival of Music by the Arditti Quartet, whom the work is dedicated to along with Lourdes Antràs and Virginia Casablancas.


  1. Jorge de Persia, LA VANGUARDIA 30th November 0001

    "Una obra de gran calado y aliento que lleva una rúbrica inicial- imponente comienzo-, para recorrer luego estancias más íntimas y poéticas en escritura inteligente y eficaz"