...des de l’infinit...

Agustí Charles ( 1960 )
...des de l’infinit...
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TR00349 vc solo
20 Minutes
Written in 2003, ...from the infinite... was commissioned by "l’Auditori" (the concert hall at Barcelona) for the International Arts Festival of the Universal Forum of Cultures-Barcelona 2004 and dedicated to Lluís Claret.

The piece is a suite for cello that follows the canon of the original Baroque form, although in a contemporary language. The three cantos that make it up form the pillars on which its discourse rests, at the same time as they act as a leitmotiv. The dances that follow the first two cantos are also the counterpoint that serves as an introduction to the main movements. The work is, above all, a cry for the freedom and diversity of the cultures of the world, and a tribute to all the victims of all wars.

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