Preludi XI / Preludi XII
Musicological reviser
Raül Benavides i Oller
TR00188 pf solo
Raül Benavides i Oller
6 Minutes
Among the works of Frederic Mompou (1893-1987) we find series of pieces, such as Cançons i Danses or the Preludis for piano, which he composed over the course of many years and which remained a constant in his creative mind. Each of these pieces is an autonomous work, and their grouping into series has more to do with their sharing a single generic title than with any formally unitary conception as a whole.
Of the twelve preludes that Mompou composed only ten were ever published, divided between two books: the first (1930) included Preludis I, II, III and IV, which has written in the period 1927 to 1928; the second (1952) included Preludis V, VI, VIII, IX and X, written between 1930 and 1944, and VII ù subtitled Palmier d’étoiles and of a nature quite distinct from the rest ù written in 1951. The two other preludes from the series, although they were performed in concert and recorded during the composer’s lifetime, remained unpublished.


  1. Anonymous 3rd October 2010

    This is a really great piece of music. Mompou is a gem of a composer and largely unknown by music fans. His spanish influence is apparent but his intimate music will bowl you over. I recommend these pieces for any piano lover.