Babel 46, opera in four tableaux (full score)

Xavier Montsalvatge ( 1912 - 2002 )
TR00071 V solo[S.3Mzs.2T.2Br.B] - 2[1.2/pic] 2[1.2/ci] 2 2 - 4230 - timp+2 - arp - archi
80 Minutes
"In composing Babel 46, although my intention was not to diverge significantly from operatic conventions per se, I wanted to avoid any influence that might stem from my preferences for the four great national schools of opera: the Russian, so momentous; the German, gravid with philosophical speculations that I was unable to assume; the French, less important but distinguished by true projection; and the most emblematic of them all: the Italian".
X. Montsalvatge