Three Improvisations 1903 (incl. CD)

Isaac Albéniz ( 1860 - 1909 )
Three Improvisations 1903 (incl. CD)
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Musicological reviser
Milton Rubén Laufer
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The only surviving original recording of Albéniz’s piano playing is from 1903. On a visit to Ruperto Regordosa Planas he had sat down at the former’s piano and improvised three short pieces. Planas recorded the music on a phonograph cylinder. The pieces were, however, never written down on paper. With the help of modern technical resources, Milton Laufer, an expert on Albéniz, has been able to carefully reconstruct the musical text. Our first printing of the transcription thus enables us to have a unique peep through the keyhole into the workshop of the gifted pianist and composer. As a little extra, we have included this fascinating recording on a CD with the first issue of this printing.