Chamber music
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Musicological reviser
P. Jorge de Riezu
DP02675 Chamber ensembles (duets, quartets) and small orchestra
Archivo Padre Donostia
1. String quartet in E minor
2. Romanza nº 1 for violin and piano
3. Romanza nº 8 for violin and piano
4. Minueto, for string quartet
5. Invocación, for violoncello and piano
6. Choeur des anges, for choir and small orchestra
7. Ilargitan, for voice and small orchestra
8. Cinco preludios vascos, for violin and piano
9. Ingurutxo, for txistu, piano and tamboril
10. Axeria eta Gabaraxaina, for voice and small orchestra
11. Urruti-jaia, for small orchestra
12. Edate-soñua (rondó-minueto), for small orchestra
13. Sonata de Joaquín de Arana (edition) for violin and piano
14. Paisaje, for flute and strings
15. Sonata de Tommaso Albinoni (1671-1751) for violin and piano (edition)
16. Sagar-dantza, for small orchestra
17. Danza, for small orchestra
18. Página romántica, for violin and piano
19. Glosa sobre la Salve, for violoncello and organ
20. Evocación sevillana, for 4 male voices
21. O vulnera doloris, for bass and organ