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Musicological reviser
Josep Dolcet - Emilio Moreno
DT00765 vn. solo - - - archi
Josep Dolcet - Emilio Moreno
22 Minutes
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The edition of the orchestral score of the violin concerto by Ferran Sor appears after the recent publication of the violin and piano reduction (TR 638) . That is the only known to concert composed by Sor for solo violin. The edition has been revised by the violinist Emilio Moreno and includes a historical survey and analysis of the work by Josep Dolcet. The work consists of a classical piece that could be dated in the early years of the author. It is possible that it was composed during the concerts gaven in Barcelona in 798 by the famous Italian violinist Luigia Gerbini. The activity of this performer could explain us the reasons for the manuscript was found in an Austrian library that has provided to the TRITO a digitized copy. The poor condition of the manuscripts made their trasncripción a difficult task.