Concierto Indio, for violoncello and orchestra

Edgar Valcárcel
Concierto Indio, for violoncello and orchestra
  • Instruments: Cello
  • Ensembles: Full Orchestra
  • Genres: Classical Music
  • Instrumentation: vc solo - 3[1.2.pic] 2[1.2/ci] 3[1.2.clb] 2 - 4231 - timp+1 - archi
  • Duration: 21 Minutes
  • Reference: TR00413

Puno ( 1932 )

He was born in Peru and studied piano and composition in the National Conservatory in Lima, at Hunter College in New York, at the Di Tella Institute in Buenos Aires and at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. He was professor of composition at the Lima Conservatory. His music ever has Peruvian elements then it like to Latin American musicians. He contributes to recognize the importance of indigenous and promotes new music from Europe and North America. He thinks that Latin America proposes a new language with native and Western sources. The Canto coral a Tupac Amaru is on of the most important work. He composed chamber pieces in his individual style in which we find Espectros I and Hiwaña uru. In his orchestral music the most interesting are the Piano Concerto and the Checán series (’Love’ in Mochica language). He also contributes in the creation and research of electro-acoustic music....