Miquel Ortega

Barcelona ( 1963 )

He was born in Barcelona into a family without any musical background. His musical education was at the Conservatori Superior del Liceu. In 1979 he was appointed as one of the maestros at the Gran Teatre del Liceu thanks to the baritone Vicente Sardinero.
He continued his education with the maestro Ernest Xancó (Violin), Manuel Oltra (Counterpoint, Instrumentation and Composition) and with Antoni Ros Marbà (Orchestral Conducting).
In 1990 he moved to Madrid as concertmaster of the National Lyrical Theatre, La Zarzuela, where he started his work as an orchestral conductor under the encouragement of Miquel Roa and Emilio Sagi. He is a member of the Catalan Composers Society and several of his works have been performed both in Spain and abroad.
His work can be classified as part of the neo-Classical tonal style nature with sporadic, very Mediterranean, atonal incursions....

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Collection Música Breu

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