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Release of Glosa by Jesús Torres

Glosa, for solo cello, is the latest work by Jesús Torres published by Tritó. A measure of worth of the piece, composed in 2004, is perhaps seen in the fact that it has become an essential part of the repertoire of numerous cellists, including: Suzana Stefanovich, who premiered the piece and is its dedicatee; José Miguel Gómez, of the "Arbós Trio", who first recorded it on CD for the Autor label; and David Apellániz, who will soon be making a new recording of the "Glosa". In the international arena, we should note that Pierre Strauch, of the "Ensemble Intercontemporain", will be performing it at the next Alicante International Music Festival. We hope that with its publication this work with reach all musicians interested in contemporary repertoire and that many more will join the list of its interpreters.