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Anandamanía by Santiago Lanchares

Anandamania , a piano piece by Santiago Lanchares composed in 2002 has been added to the Tritó catalogue. The work, dedicated to the pianist Ananda Sukarlan, premiered at the Auditorio Nacional in 2003 and was selected to represent Spain at the Unesco International Tribune of Composers that same year. In the words of Ananda Sukarlan "It represents the culmination of Santiago Lanchares’ the achievements thus far with the piano. Its rich texture is heavily charged with 15th-century antiphonal techniques (accelerated to an almost supersonic degree!), additive Oriental rhythms, and African methods rhythmic displacement." Technical complexity combines with the musicality of the work by the Palencia-born composer, who has always had in the piano one of his best means of expression, as evidenced in his monograph CD on sale at