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Tritó new distributor Aca of Mallorca

The Mallorca-based foundation Àrea de Creació Acústica (ACA) was founded in 1978 by the composer Antoni Caimari with support from the Island Council and other public and private institutions. Since then, ACA has become a benchmark in Spanish contemporary music and a catalyst for its dissemination. ACA has expanded its range of activities to the realm of poetry, with the release of Veu de Poeta, a spoken collection on CD, and "Solstici d'estiu", an annual publication focusing on young Mediterranean poets. ACA has also involved itself in cinema and, more recently, gastronomy. The Tritó catalogue will now be offering a range of ACA material: Contemporanis de la Mediterrània, a collection of music on CD; the librettos and recordings of "Nits bielenques" (an annual project devoted to historic Mallorcan composers); and musical studies coming out of the symposia Jornades Internacionals de l'Orgue Històric de les Balears. ACA recordings also include chirimías and glosadores and other manifestations of traditional Mallorcan music.