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Brief pieces for piano, by Santiago Lanchares

The piano works of the composer Santiago Lanchares, with exquisite and exhuberant harmony and highly empassioned character, are among the most interesting for this instrument in Spanish contemporary music. Under the generic title of Piezas breves, two of the Palencian composer's collections of pieces for solo piano are now available: "Cinco amigos", first written in 1984 and which we might call his Op. 1, were revised thanks to the interest of the pianist Ananda Sukarlan, and serve as an introduction to his works. These pieces are not very demanding technically and thus are apt for teaching material. "Dos piezas para Alicia" were written in the summer of 2003 and are dedicated to Alicia Sukarlan. These works, and others composed before 2005, are available in a monographic edition published by Sello Verso from our webside