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Re-edition of the Granados' Opera Goyescas

Tritó announces the re-edition on CD of the live performance of  "Goyescas o Los majos enamorados" by the Catalan composer Enrique Granados, recorded at the Auditori Enrique Granados in Lérida, as part of the events to commemorate the 700th Anniversary of the University of Lérida, on 21 and 22 April 1997. It is performed by the Orquestra de Cadaqués conducted by Gianandrea Noseda, the Coral de Bilbao and the soloists Carmen González, Josep Ruiz, Maite Arruabarrena and Alfonso Echevarría. The recording is of Albert Guinovart's orchestral arrangements, whose intention was to "clarify as far as possible the instrumentation while respecting the original manuscript, and to heighten the most meaningful aspects, as well as strengthen the melodic aspect of the orchestra." Every measure of this work is marked by the spirit of Granados, a fundamental figure in Catalan musical nationalism and romanticism. Still we should stress in this recording some of its masterful moments, such as the Intermezzo, or moments as sublime as the entire third part, which from the interlude to the last measure is of incomparable beauty. The opera Goyescas is based on an earlier piece by the composer, of the same title, but written for the piano. Granados drew his inspiration from Goya, specifically the sketches he did for this tapestries for the Crown, which the composer saw during his stay in Madrid in 1898. His words on the subject, found in a range of texts and letters, are quite clear: "In my Goyescas I have concentrated my entire personality. I fell in love with Goya's mind and with his palette; and thus with his Maja, señora; with his Majo, aristocrat; with him and with the Duchess of Alba, with his quarrelling, with his loves, with his flirtatious remarks."