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The most important studies on Granados available from Tritó

Tritó has put a great deal of effort into compiling the latest bibliography on Granados, and now has a very significant number of titles. Walter Aaron Clark’s book "Enrique Granados: poet of the piano" and Carol A. Hess’ "Enrique Granados. A Bio Bibliography", as well as Mark Larrad’s doctoral thesis fill a historical lack of serious studies of one of the most international Catalan composers of all times. The situation with Albéniz was similar until studies such as those by Jacinto Torres, "The Catalan Theatre Works of Enrique Granados" ("Iberia de Isaac Albéniz a través de sus manuscritos" or "Catálogo sistemático descriptivo de las obras musicales de Isaac Albéniz") appeared. In addition, we should mention the interesting and extremely well documented biographical novel about Granados, "El rossinyol abatut: Enric Granados, una vida apassionada" by John W. Milton. All of these titles can be found in the BOOKS section of our website.