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Tritó releases Alio Modo,by David del Puerto

Alio Modo, the new release by the Tritó record label is a collection of some of most interesting chamber works composed between1995 and 2005 by David del Puerto (Madrid, 1964). The disc features brilliant interpretations by three of the most significant names on the Spanish contemporary music scene: the Indonesian pianist Ananda Sukarlan, the soprano Carmen Gurriarán and the accordionist Ángel Luis Castaño, all champions of the Madrid composer's work. The CD includes the works: "Alio Modo" (piano), "Fantasía para acordeón", "Cuaderno para los niños" (piano), "Diario" (accordion and piano), "Intrata" (piano), "Rondós" (piano), "Rejoice" (piano), "Sobre la Noche" (voice and accordion) and "Verso IV" (piano). This is Tritó's second CD by David del Puerto – after Boreas (2005), devoted to symphonic music – and is further evidence of the company's ambition to create a recorded corpus of Spanish contemporary music. Coinciding with the release of the CD, Tritó has also released the score of the piece "Diario" for accordion and piano. "Diario" is dedicated to Ángel Luis Castaño, who both premiered and plays the piece on Alio Modo. Very demanding technically, the piece demonstrates the vast potential of the accordion in contemporary music.