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Héctor Parra won the Earplay Donald Aird Memorial

Trio Wortschatten by Héctor Parra is the winning composition in the 2007 Earplay Donald Aird Memorial Composers Competition, this prize carries a $1,000.00 cash prize with a performance during Earplay's 23nd season. The violin, cello, and piano composition was selected from 169 entries from 27 countries by a panel of composers and performers specializing in contemporary chamber music. The panelists also selected another six finalist compositors: Patricia Alessandrini(U.S.), Christopher Bailey (U.S.), Allesandra Bellino (Italy), Christopher Dietz (U.S.), José-Luis Hurtado (Mexico), and Vera Ivanova (Russia-U.S.). Earplay's conductor, Mary Chun observes about the winning composition, The aching beauty and complex lyricism of Hèctor Parra's Trio Wortschatten can be heard as a melding of Schoenberg with Debussy and a 21st century twist. Trio Wortschatten (2004) by Hèctor Parra (Spain) contrasts two musical flows with the violin and cello propelling the musical action with the piano creating the harmonic space. Later in the work the roles reverse and the piano is more assertive with percussive action.