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World premiere of David del Puerto’s 3rd Symphony

In its 15th year, Otoño Musical Soriano commemorates the centenary this year of the poet Antonio Machado's arrival in Soria. For the occasion, the festival, directed by Odón Alonso, commissioned a work from the composer David del Puerto, according to whom it is his "most personal composition", given the freedom he was allowed by a commission which dictated no scoring nor timing conditions. This is Del Puerto's Third Symphony, subtitled "En la melancolía de tu recuerdo, Soria" (In the Melancholy of Your Memory, Soria). The author classifies it as a "dramatic symphony" due to the way it draws on cantata and theatre music. David del Puerto resolved the sole condition of the commission – to include texts by Machado – by choosing 19 poems that enabled him "to condense Machado's life in Soria along one year", and which are recited and sung along with the orchestral music. The texts reflect the poet's varying moods over the seasons of the year, among which stands out summer, given that "the summer poems are the most heartfelt because that was the season when Leonor died". This is the first symphony in which David del Puerto includes sung and recited parts and, at once, the first of his large-scale works in which he puts to music poems written by someone other than himself. Nonetheless, it is a work in which the author has renounced deliberately the brightness of other pieces of his in order to capture and transmit better the sobriety and ascetism of Machado's verse. The premiere takes place on 20 September, 2007, at the Auditorio "Odón Alonso" of the Centro Cultural "Palacio de la Audiencia" in Soria, with Enrique García Asensio conducting the Oviedo City Symphony Orchestra. The solo voices are the mezzo-soprano Elena Gragera and the soprano Carmen Gurriarán, with narration by the actor José Sacristán.   The score and CD of David del Puerto first symphony, Boreas, is already available from Tritó and we will soon be publishing his second, Nusantara, as well as the above-mentioned third. The most recent works we have published by this composer have been chamber pieces: "Dos dedicatorias", for solo violin, and Seis estudios, for guitar, while forthcoming are Diario, for accordion and piano  and Advenit, for clarinet, violin, cello and piano.