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Nosaltres, els grallers

In 1996 the Escola de Grallers (school of gralla players) in Sitges published a monumental book on the history of gralla players in Catalonia, titled “Nosaltres, els grallers”. For a long time this book was very difficult to obtain, only being available in a few shops around the town of Sitges.

“Nosaltres, els grallers” is an excellent compilation of data on the history of gralla players in Catalonia, from their origins up to the 1970s.

The book classifies the musicians by counties and towns, and contains a brilliant introductory chapter on the history of the gralla as an instrument and a magnificent prologue by Vilanova gralla-maker Xavier Orriols. And, for the moment, this publication is the sole existing published reference work on the world of the gralla.

The book, with over 500 pages, is published in hardback and the price is €35.

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