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Resounding success at the Dutch premiere of David del Puerto

David del Puerto’s Concert no. 2 for oboe premiered on 4 April in the Dutch town of Tilburg in a performance by the Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam, to which the work is dedicated. The Concerto was also performed in Amsterdam, where it reaped a great public success. More recently, on 17 April, the Dutch ensemble played this work for the public of Madrid, eliciting an enthusiastic response from both the audience at the Reina Sofia Museum and the critics in attendance: ".....Extraordinary music, full of vitality and inspiration, that enriches its language by taking full advantage of the most traditional expressivity of the solo instrument. It is divided into parts that are formal signs of the Madrilenian composer’s always limpidly affirmative discourse...” Luis Suñén. El País, 20/04/06.